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A Guide To Shadow Work by Stephanie Kirby


Find self-love, self-acceptance, and true growth through understanding the dark and light that coexist in you.


Over the course of your life, you push difficult emotions and experiences aside, but they never truly leave you. These elements form your shadow self, the dark side of your personality that most people try to repress. Shadow work is a method of embracing and seeking to understand this darker aspect of yourself so that you can release the pain and trauma of the past and become a more healed and balanced person. A Guide to Shadow Work will be your guide as you walk toward embracing your shadow self:

  • Learn to see your shadow self and recognize the impact it has on your life
  • Use targeted journal prompts to explore your shadow self and bring it into the light
  • Practice deep meditation to begin to release the experiences you’ve repressed
  • Retrain yourself with habits that bring you a healthier lifelong relationship with your shadow


Darkness and light coexist in every person. Only by doing the hard work of acknowledging the darkness can you begin to heal, love and accept yourself, and truly grow.

A Guide To Shadow Work

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